Things to keep in mind while sending couriers abroad

Are you planning on sending a courier abroad? There are several factors that you will have to consider when you are sending a courier abroad and if you are looking for International courier services in Delhi, we are the right choice to make.

International courier services in Delhi will ensure that your courier reaches its destination within reasonable time and for a price that will not have you digging deep into your pockets. However, we have provided for 6 important things for you to keep in mind when you want your courier to be delivered abroad.

Things to keep in mind while sending courier abroad

Do not send prohibited material: While sending a courier abroad ensure that the courier does not contain material that is prohibited. The prohibition is not only applicable to India but also to the country where you are going to be sending the courier.

Check the delivery times: The one thing you would want to avoid while sending a courier abroad is delay. Choose a courier service that ensures timely delivery.

Use a courier service which has tracking: A service with tracking will help you as you can have the knowledge of where your courier is at all times.

Provide sufficient packaging: The courier is packed by you. Use sufficient packaging for your courier and do not overload your courier.

Check delivery address thoroughly: Provide for the right address on the courier and it should be written in a proper manner.

Do not pay more than you have to: Some companies dupe the clients in the name of international courier services. Always compare prices from other service providers.

With the above guidelines, choose a courier service to deliver your courier abroad. We provide for International courier services in Delhi and ensure that we provide for all the necessities to ensure the delivery of your courier.


5 Tips on Sending Couriers Internationally

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and there are many more reasons to couriers internationally to all those beloved ones out there in foreign countries. While it might sound easy, the actual process of shipping internationally is not an easy task. There is a need for homework to be done along with a selection of the service. International courier services in Delhi is the most reliable one with VSR Universal Express offering its best service. However, there are some things to be seen by you before sending out your parcel to be the courier.

1. Restrictions and regulations of countries

It is important to do your homework on the restrictions and regulations of parcels in the country you wish to send your parcel to. Every country has some permits on the contents of a parcel that they allow to the country. Some countries would also need you to fill up a customs declaration for the package you wish to send. air cargo agents in Delhi notifies of the restrictions but it is always better to be a step ahead.

2. Secure Package

Safe and secure packaging is important if you want your parcel to reach the destination in a safe and sound manner. Remember that these parcels travel by air, land or sea and makes multiple stops. Further, they are passed through many hands before reaching the destination. Choose the right material like card boxes and tapes for secure packaging.

3. Contact details

Including the contact address (especially phone number) of the person is a good step to be taken as they would be notified in cases of issues regarding the package. Further, it would also be easier to track down the person during delivery. Remember to include the return address details too, in cases where the item could not be delivered.

Visit the courier services in Delhi for quick international delivery.


Reasons Why You Should Use Courier Services

Courier services are important to move good and products from their source of availability to the person who needs it the most. This is an integral part of our professional and personal life. The market boasts plenty of courier services firms which can easily serve your purpose with ease. But the million dollar question is that what the need of using excellent courier service is. Below we have mentioned some important reasons why you should choose courier services for transporting your products from source to destination.

  • Lots of Options to Offer

The prime benefit of using courier service is that it has lot more to offer. It has a variety of delivery and collection options such as same day courier service, on board courier service, overnight courier service etc and the customers can choose as per their requirement, needs, and financial budget.

  • Keep an eye on where your parcel is

This is perhaps one of the most interesting benefits of using the courier services. One can easily track their parcel and get to know about its delivery day and date. All you need to do is enter your parcel tracking number and get an access to all particulars of your parcel, at your fingertips.

  • More Affordable than you think

Courier services are quite affordable than any other service of transferring items. Their price structure is so designed that it can easily meet your budget and needs. One can use courier services without emptying their bank balance.


Tips to Choose Best Courier Service

Courier services are very useful to transport items of various kinds that might be required to be required urgent delivery. A market is full of a plethora of courier firms who promise to offer fastest delivery services to their clients but to choose the best among them is surely an arduous task. In order to facilitate the readers, we are mentioning some of the important tips and tricks for choosing best courier service.

  • History of the Company

First of all, it is important to check the history of the company so as to know their past experience with clients and their working style as well. Check how good the company is and how is their customer satisfaction and lot more other factors. Get to know their history with previous clients so as to understand them deeply.

  • Online Reviews

Knowing the history of the company is not enough as one must check their present clients and work status. Check their online reviews so as to know what people are saying about them and their work. Their online reviews will show their reputation in the market and thus give almost every single detail regarding them.

  • Quality of their services

Check the quality of their services by cross-checking their details from their existing clients. Don’t hesitate in asking questions or don’t shy in contacting their clients. Check whether they deliver couriers on time or not. Also, choose the courier service which is widespread enough to deliver your package at the destination you require.


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